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Shree Satadhar Temple

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Way to Satadhar
We can visit Satadhar in the following way.
In India western side is Gujarat State. Here in Gujarat there is Junagadh district. Here there is Visavadar Taluka and from there Satadhar is about 7-8 Kms.From Rajkot or Ahmedabad we can easily get the public or private transport to reach Satadhar.
Nearby Airports Connected:
Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Rajkot & Diu.
Important Distance from Satadhar:
Ahmedabad 314 Kms (around 7-8 hours by road)
Rajkot 135 Kms (around 3 hours by road)
Diu 165 Kms (around 4 hours by road)
Mumbai 845 Kms (around 15 hours by road)
Places to Visit at Satadhar:
1. Main temple
2. Gaushala
3. Lakshaman Ghat
4. Lord Shiva temple
5. Shri Bhootbapa temple
Places to Visit nearby Satadhar:
1. Sasan Gir –World famous National Sanctuary for lions
2. Junagadh – Sacred Girnar Mountain and Narsinh Mehta’s place
3. Kankai and Banej – Mataji’s Temple
4. Tulsishyam – Lord Krishna’s Temple
5. Somnath Temple – Jyotirlinga.
Satadhar is situated amongst the thick and dense forest of Gir near the city of Junagadh in Gujarat State. It is situated at the distance of around 30 miles (45 Kms) from the city of Junagadh. The State Transport buses are regularly plying to Satadhar from Junagadh at every half an hour interval. It takes around an hour to reach Satadhar from Junagadh by road. Satadhar is also a railway station on Junagadh - Veraval railway line and visitors can reach Satadhar by trains from Ahmedabad.

Satadhar is not much crowded area as there are many small villages near by the place. Here we have adequate facilities for transport, Private Transport, Railway. We can easy reach at any place from Visavadar and Junagadh. The visitors also like to move around the thick and dense forest of Gir all around this place of Satadhar. All meals are supplied free of cost to the visitors at the place of Satadhar.

There is a small river also flowing near the place of Satadhar. Though, the water in this river remains very less during most of the year, the visitors love to sit and relax at the bank of this river. The best season to visit Satadhar is during the winter months from November to March as summer months are very severe here.
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